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SADBOYS STAND UP. Arizona Tears!

inspired by longevity.



i think and reflect

my MIND. it disconnect

discharged by intellect.

bombarded like traffic at a intersect.

hard to find the WORDS to describe the feelings


i tell myself it’s right for the soul

but a split consensus,

has unearthed an INNUENDUS.

poetry for release.

a walking man with crippled feats…



Theres a point in an individuals life. it strikes the mind,

wide-eyed, we gasp silently.

You come to realize that it stops for no man.

Twisting & Turning,

you find yourself traveling down a path… were imperfection is experienced daily. Changes come, like seasons. We adapt.

Adjustments are made,

Personality’s tweaked,

Sleeved rolled up,

Preparation is made for the long journey that awaits you.

No certainty for whats in store. With feet planned.

We rush.

and rush

and rush

into the unknown in hopes we find ourselves.

our love.

our present.

Always embrace touch, 

see light,

& give flowers while you can still smell them


Time stops for no man.


spot on
the doppler of the soul
Takes control
& it all of a sudden
you become whole
start a life,
meet a wife,
& learn. That
right isn’t always right.
Evergreens | Meadows
Lifes sweeter when you let go
A form of conductive exclusivity
A Foundation.
that could part the sandy blue sea
That courage,
That makes us who we want to be.

They say your best shit
Is whats left
At the end you have a set list
Qualities & necessities
That ment more when you were standing next to me.
Feeling of empathy
Made up due to a lack of telepathy
The moons vast
The sun, contrast
And this will past.
Like z
Ill last

I’m okay with my thoughts during the day..When I’m laying down in bed is when they get me.



We could shoot down the stars

rearrange them from where we are.


never be apart

we’re a work of art

a work of art


we live the life we live, because of someone else. a mother, a father, a loved one, an offspring or a friend.


Stop the nonsense. Values are concept. cultivate a promise. Be one with the mindset


A tough times vet.
Prove yourself.
While there’s time left



"everyday is a chapter in your life. when your youth is gone, and all you have are memories, make sure you look back and smile. & absolutely make sure you have no regret’s. there is always controversy in live, but the beauty is that one day it will get better

take full advantage of everyday you spend with:

your family,

your loved ones,

your friends,

& when your book is finished, Make sure it’s best piece of literature you’ve ever encountered


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