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Leaf green Berlinetta

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Fingers meshed

red dress bliss 

she blinks, 

it’s a soft shutter kiss. 

she glides across the corridors of my mind  


our bodies intertwine. 

wanting to caress you, 

better yet, 

possess you. 

the rock in her hips | the sway. 



Tracing the diaphragm of her mind.  

with just lips. 

a kiss,

biting knuckles | balling fists 

we burn we fall 

she screams! 

loving her against

the wall 


The heavenly sounds, 

the kind,

that moves us round 

-We see-

eyes glued to each other like its the very first time we have seen tv.

back wrapped, 

a little ass smack,.

satin sheets 

that mesh well with our feets. 

perfection at its finest 

the king

& the new crowned highness 



My pasties were the highlight of my outfit last night.

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Simply gorgeous

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aqua colored


water drops,


about a lot of thoughts. 

a mind outside of a mind.

a body without mine.

red dress worn

rose pedal thorns,

sleek curves with devilish horns.

bright eyed sky 

with a one night lie.


as we lay

it stays alive.

for us

its a thirst-run-dry

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SADBOYS STAND UP. Arizona Tears!

inspired by longevity.



i think and reflect

my MIND. it disconnect

discharged by intellect.

bombarded like traffic at a intersect.

hard to find the WORDS to describe the feelings


i tell myself it’s right for the soul

but a split consensus,

has unearthed an INNUENDUS.

poetry for release.

a walking man with crippled feats…